ISI-delta and IRI-absolute - Japanese

Yale大学プロトコール 携帯版

Yale Uinv Protocol
memo ISI-delta and IRI-absolute are insulin effectiveness used in clinical situation. ISI-del and IRI-abs are their abbreviation.

Dose response

Shift of Curve
RefJapanese publication

RefManual of PG management in the hospital
(Jaunary 2008 from Kanehara-shuppan, Tokyo, Japan)

  • Matsuda M: Measuring and estimating insulin resistance in clinical and research settings. Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases in press, 2009.
  • Matsuda M, Shigeto M, Akiyama Y, Masuzawa M, Okabe T: Constancy of relative insulin sensitivity and importance of absolute insulin sensitivity shift to develop insulin infusion protocol in critically ill patients. Diabetologia 50(Suppl 1):S276-S277, 2007.
  • M.. Matsuda, N. Hayakawa, Y. Hisano, M. Shigeto, Y. Akiyama, M.Masuzawa, T. Okabe: Difference between insulin sensitiviy expressed by ability to lower plasma glucose conc. stable during medical treatment. Diabetologia 51:S112, 2008.

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Recent development
Insulin infusion prototol 2008
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